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How to order physical books. You may order directly from us by telephone, or email. Order by telephone: 303.750.8374 email:   daviesgroup@msn.com (Please contact us if you wish to purchase one of our titles in a digital format (iBook or PDF). Payment:   We   require   prepayment.   We   accept   your   check,   or   the major    credit    cards    (MasterCard    and    Visa).    Please    do    not    use email   to   order   with   your   credit   card.   (N.B.   For   your   security   and ours   we   do   not   keep   your   credit   card   number   on   file.   It   will   be necessary to present a credit card number each time you order.) Shipping:   We   ship   Media   Mail   (US   Postal   System).   The   charge   for this   service   is   $5.75   plus   $.90   for   each   additional   title   on   single- copy     retail     sales.     Please     inquire     for     shipping     charges     if requesting accelerated shipping times or use of another carrier. Booksellers    and    Libraries:    please    call,    fax,    or    email    for    you purchase order to receive a pro forma invoice. voice: 303.750.8374 email: daviesgroup@msn.com
Mail your purchase order to us at: The Davies Group, Publishers PO Box 440140 Aurora CO 80044-0140 Customers outside the United States Please   query   us.   We   have   various   avenues   available   that   will allow   us   to   ship   to   you   in   a   timely   manner   at   the   lowest possible shipping cost according to your location.
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