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PenMark Press exists to accommodate creative projects that do not fit within the framework of traditional scholarly press offerings. We encourage submissions of serious creative nonfiction by both established and new authors in the following categories: collections of original essays from a single author, edited collections of previously unpublished essays, narrative nonfiction, and translations in each of these categories. Submissions will only be accepted  from academics (including adjunct faculty) teaching at accredited colleges and universities, emeritus faculty from those same institutions, and active independent scholars (you will need provide evidence of your active membership in the NAIS).* Representative offerings include: Chris Arthur, Irish Nocturnes (essays) Chris Arthur, Irish Willow (essays) Chris Arthur, Irish Haiku (essays) John Summers, Every Fury on Earth (essays) Victor E. Taylor, The Religious Pray, The Profane Swear (edited memoir of a Civil War Prisoner) Robert Traer, Faith, Belief, and Religion N.B. Please do not submit a proposal if you do not meet all of the above criteria. Documents submitted will not be returned and electronic submissions will not be acknowledged.
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