This series will address and assess the transformations in the concept of the “human” over the past half-century across the human sciences. The approach adopted is to single out two concepts that can align disparate inquiries, from the post-structuralist critiques of humanism dating back to the 1960s to more recent studies, driven by both speculation and controlled laboratory experimentation, into human cognition. These two concepts are “deferral” and “discipline.” Each concept directs us toward a range of issues, intellectual and ethical, and the possible relations between the two concepts suggest further lines of inquiry. Deferral points to the endless delay of meaning, and to the origin of meaning; it pertains to a repressive theory of desire or a liberating theory of transcendence. Discipline denotes hierarchical and violent articulations of knowledge and power; it describes a constitutive space of self-over- coming, inquiry and creation. Each book will deploy some relation between deferral and discipline so as to examine in a new way some concept or set of practices taken to be constitutive of the human. As a result, we hope, old forms of transcendence, meaning making, pedagogy and human being will be re- examined and re-evaluated, and new forms made possible.   Advisory Board: Ian Dennis, University of Ottawa Sergey Dolgopolski, SUNY Buffalo Chris Fleming, University of Western Sydney Eric Gans, UCLA Gabriel Levy, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Richard van Oort, University of Victoria Edmond Wright, Independent Schola Books in this series include     To be announced
Deferrals and Disciplines (a Noesis Press series) Series Editor, Adam Katz
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