We are always open to new book proposals for all of the areas in which we publish. However, if you wish to have us consider yours we would like you to follow our submission guidelines. You may query us about our possible interest via email. If you are proposing a manuscript for inclusion in one of our series please query the appropriate series editor (you can find a list of our series and series editors here). Books included in a series must be approved by the editor of that series; conversely, no book will be included in a series without the author's consent. We can and do publish books independent of series. We will entertain proposals for edited collections. For best consideration an edited collection should be comprised for the most part of previously unpublished original contributions. While we are willing to consider dissertations, please be aware that very few are publishable without substantial revisions. If you wish us to consider yours, please indicate in your proposal the extent and direction of any plans you have for revision. We also encourage submission of literary non-fiction — essay collections by a single author, edited collections surrounding a single theme, memoirs, etc. We will only consider works of this nature from faculty, emeritus faculty, adjunct faculty and active independent scholars. See PenMark Press offerings: guidelines are the same as below. If you have any questions about submissions, please contact us. Please do not provide a complete manuscript until asked to do so. Your proposal will be evaluated through the same prism through which we look at all manuscripts. If it is poorly written and presented there will be less enthusiasm for the final submission should one be requested. We encourage you to avoid jargon and strive for clarity and brevity. A tale should be judicious, clear, succinct; The language plain, and incidents well link’d; Tell not as new what ev’rybody knows; And, new or old, still hasten to a close. William Cowper, “Conversation” (1782) "If a thing can be said, it can be said simply." — Brian Eno Your proposal should contain as much information as you yourself would require in making a meaningful evaluation, with the following items considered as a basic requirement: o A cover letter describing the content and focus of the book. o Please include information about your professional background and qualifications, including previous publications. o Please include complete contact information, including your email address. A partial cv is helpful. o If submitting a proposal for an essay collection, please include the name and affiliation of the suggested author(s) for each chapter, an explanation of your criteria for selection, and note whether they have agreed to contribute. o Tentative title of your manuscript (a descriptive title is fine at this stage). o Please provide a table of contents and at least one paragraph of explanation on what you intend to cover in each chapter; if possible include an estimate of the length of the project (number of words*, including footnotes, number of illustrations, maps and tables). A sample chapter, or material representative of your writing style, is optional. o If submitting a proposal for an essay collection, please include the name and affiliation of the suggested author(s) for each chapter, an explanation of your criteria for selection, and note whether they have agreed to contribute. o Tell us who the book is written for. o Tell us your timetable for completing the manuscript if it is not already completed, and a realistic date by which you plan to submit the final manuscript. If this is an edited collection, remember to allow time for revisions to individual chapters once these have been delivered by contributors. *Noesis Press is most receptive to manuscripts that are no longer than 60,000 words. Please suggest at least five possible peer reviewers for your proposal (individuals with whom you have no personal or professional relationship), including contact information, affiliation, etc. You are welcome to forward your proposal in electronic format (a document readable in Microsoft Word) as an attachment to standard email. Please allow us a reasonable amount of time for a reply. If you choose to submit your proposal as a physical document please understand that we do not return unsolicited manuscripts. If you wish to have your materials returned to you, you need to include a self-addressed envelope large enough to contain the materials, and sufficient postage. Your proposal should be sent to the following address. We recommend first class mail with a delivery confirmation. Editorial Director The Davies Group, Publishers PO Box 440140 Aurora CO 80044-0140 US N.B.  We are open only to submissions from individuals (faculty and adjuncts) currently active at or retired from an institution of higher education -- both in the United States and abroad.
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