“New Studies in Idealism” is a long overdue peer-reviewed book series that will provide a unique platform for the advancement of research in the area of nineteenth-century philosophical Idealism and its legacy. “Idealism” is considered here in a broad and yet historical sense, emphasizing lines of continuity not only between Kant and the post-Kantian idealists (including early German romantic thinkers, and then Fichte, Schelling, and Hegel), but beyond this to forms of philosophy that are often considered as opposing Kant, such as those of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche. The focus will be on original works considering the legacy of Idealism in twentieth-century and contemporary philosophy (both “continental” and “analytic”.) Advisory Board: Mark V. Alznauer (Northwestern University) David Kolb (Bates College) Francesco Berto (University of Aberdeen) Simon Lumsden (UNSW, Australia) Alfredo Ferrarin (University of Pisa, Italy) Douglas A. Moggach (University of Ottawa) Sebastian Gardner (University College of London) Maurizio Pagano (University of Eastern Piedmont, Italy) Douglas Hedley (Cambridge University) Stephen Houlgate (University of Warwick, UK) Paul Redding (The University of Sydney, Australia) Wayne Hudson (Charles Sturt University, Australia) Julian Young (Wake Forest University) Books in this series include      Daniel Addison, The Critique’s Contradiction as the Key to Post-Kantianism.  James Muldoon, Hegel’s Philosophy of Drives. Philip Tonner, Phenomenology Between Aesthetics and Idealism Paul Redding, Thoughts, Deeds, Words and World: Possible Articulations in the Continental Idealist Tradition  Stephen Palmquist, Baring All in Reason’s Light: Kant’s Critique of Mysticism (forthcoming) Wayne Hudson, Douglas Moggach, Marcelo Stamm, What is Idealism? (forthcoming)
New Studies in Idealism (a Noesis Press series) Series Editor, Paolo Diego Bubbio
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