The Series will host works dealing with European thought in a number of areas, particularly revisions or reinterpretations of European history, migration, postmodernity, geopolitics, the Mediterranean, the role of nationalism and national philosophies in the shaping of European identities, métissage, mythologies, technoscenarios, relations between Europe and other continents, the future of the Humanities, and the sense and possibilities of the European Union. It will explore the many critiques of Eurocentrism and its rhyzomatic presence in all corners of the globe. The Series will also host the republication of forgotten texts or of past and present thinkers previously unavailable in English, interdisciplinary takes on global issues originating in or about Europe. The Series is markedly philosophical in the era when the institutions and the legitimacy of philosophy have been profoundly questioned, both inside and outside academia. It intends to pursue in manifold ways the question “What is that, thinking?” around the magmatic and elusive meanings elicited by the wor(l)d Europe.    Advisory Board Angela Biancofiore, Université “Paul Valèry,” Montpellier Remo Bodei, University of California/Los Angeles Armando Gnisci, University of Roma “La Sapienza” Renate Holub, University of California/Berkeley Santiago Zabala, University of Barcelona Books in this series include     Armando Gnisci, Matthew Rusnak, trans. We, The Europeans Olaf Breidbach and Federico Vercellone, Wilton Kaiser, trans. Thinking and Imagination Peter Carravetta, The Elusive Hermes Rolando Pérez, Agorapoetics
Thinking European Worlds Series Editor, Peter Carravetta  
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