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Title:  Popper's Vienna: World 3 of Vienna 1870–1930 Author:  Dario Antiseri Series:  Contemporary European Cultural Studies Imprint:  The Davies Group, Publishers soft cover 308 pp. USD 26.00 ISBN 978-1888570922 September, 2002 Popper’s Vienna (La Vienna di Popper) shows how the roots of all Popper's epistemological and political work may be found in the culture of that ‘Great Vienna’ that existed between 1870 and 1930. It is a rigorous reconstruction of the ideas and debates of that 'Great Vienna’ — anti-induction; the idea of fallibility of a theory as a criterion of distinction between science and non-science; evolutionary epistemology; methodological individualism; anti-Platonism; critics of Hegel, Marx and knowledge sociology; historical materialism and dialectical materialism; and critics of Freud. Contents Preface Chapter 1. Ernst Mach’s Knowledge and Error and Karl Popper’s The Logic of ScientificDiscovery Chapter 2. Three German scientists: Justus von Liebig, Heinrich Hertz and Albert Einstein;                     and two American philosophers: Charles S. Peirce and Clarence Irving Lewis Chapter 3. The construction of a “logic of hypotheses” in English, French and Italian thinkers between       the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Chapter 4. Evolutionary Epistemology in Vienna from Ernst Mach to Karl Popper Chapter 5. The Vienna fin de siècle against Freud Chapter 6. Karl Bühler and Heinrich Gomperz: Karl Popper’s two Viennese masters Chapter 7. Carl Menger and Karl Popper: The “shortcomings” and “errors” of historicism Chapter 8. Carl Menger, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich A. von Hayek and Karl Popper:                     four Viennese in defense of methodological individualism Chapter 9. Hans Kelsen and Karl Popper: Two Viennese Critics of Plato’s Totalitarianism Chapter 10. The destiny of historical materialism and dialectical materialism in                      fin de siècle Vienna Author Dario Antiseri is Dean of the Center for Social Sciences Methodology of LUISS, the “Guido Carli” International Free University of Social Studies in Rome, and teaches and researches in the philosophy of science and linguistic philosophy. His publications, many of which have been translated in several languages, are centered on analytical-epistemological problems. Among these: Karl Popper. Epistemologia e societa aperta (1972); Teoria unificata del metodo (1980); Trattato di metodologia delle scienze sociali (1996); Quale ragione? (2001; with Giovanni Reale). With Giovanni Reale he is author of a prestigious treatise of philosophy in three volumes: Il pensiero occidentale dalle origini ad oggi (1980; 45th ed. 2004) — this work has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. La Vienna di Popper has also been translated into Spanish and French.
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