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Title:  The Gospel According to Winnie the Pooh Author:  Rev. Dr. Bruce G. Epperly Series:  Intersections Imprint:  Noesis Press soft cover 118 pp. USD 16.00 ISBN 978-1934542408 December 2016 A.A.   Milne’s   Winnie   the   Pooh    has   inspired,   intrigued,   and   engaged   parents   and   adults,   and   their   younger   companions,   for   ninety   years.   The   Gospel   According   to   Winnie   the   Pooh   explores the spiritual dimensions of the Winnie the Pooh stories from a progressive Christian perspective. The   stories   of   Winnie   the   Pooh   and   his   friends   are   a   gospel   in   miniature.   Winnie   and   his   friends   reflect   the   many   faces   of   following   the   way   of   Jesus   with   faithfulness   despite   our obvious   foibles.   Good   news   abounds   as   we   discover   a   gentle   providence   for   every   season   and   challenge   of   life.   The   anxious   Piglet,   depressive   Eeyore,   micromanaging   and   xenophobic Rabbit,   bouncy   and   live   in   the   moment   Tigger,   meandering   Pooh,   the   wise   but   foolish   Owl,   the   immigrant   Kanga   and   Roo,   and   the   child   facing   the   challenges   of   growing   up   Christopher Robin   all   experience   the   grace   of   interdependence,   grounded   in   the   gentle   providence   that   guides   our   daily   lives,   and   so   can   we   as   we   follow   the   meandering   pathways   of   divine   wisdom and creativity. The   Gospel   According   to   Winnie   the   Pooh    serves   as   a   spiritual   companion   to   Benjamin   Hoff’s   Tao   of   Pooh    and,   while   affirming   Hoff’s   Taoist   perspective   and   its   recognition   of   the importance   of   simplicity   and   non-attachment,   it   goes   beyond   Hoff’s   text   in   its   affirmation   of   God’s   ever-present   aim   at   wholeness   and   healing   and   its   recognition   that   the   good   life involves   the   interplay   of   the   immediacy   of   the   Tao   and   the   creative   wisdom   of   Divinity.   The   story   as   a   whole   is   a   parable   of   grace,   interdependence,   acceptance,   and   self-discovery.   It   is about innocence experienced, innocence lost, and innocence rediscovered, and the possibility that we can cultivate simplicity in the complicated world of growing up. The   characters   from   A.A.   Milne   invite   us   to   understand   the   wanderings   of   Jesus   and   his   disciples   in   a   new   way.   Each   character   uniquely   lives   out   a   holy   adventure   and   presents   parables   of holiness   in   everyday   life.   In   reading   the   pages   of   this   book,   we   will   find   a   pathway   through   the   wilderness   of   life   and   awaken   to   a   world   of   wonders.   The   Gospel   According   to   Winnie   the Pooh provides a way for parents and grandparents to share the spiritual dimensions of Winnie the Pooh with children and grandchildren and help children experience their gifts. Contents Chapter One  Tell Me a Story Chapter Two  Gospel Stories Chapter Three Living in the Peaceable Kingdom Chapter Four  The North Pole is Everywhere Chapter Five  Taking a Thinking Walk Chapter Six  Winnie the Pooh: Singing Your Way Through Life Chapter Seven  Christopher Robin: The Beloved Disciple Chapter Eight   Piglet: Small is Beautiful Chapter Nine  Rabbit: A Blessed Rage for Order Chapter Ten  Eeyore: Half Empty can be Full Chapter Eleven  Tigger: Untamed Energy Chapter Twelve  Kanga and Roo: Strangers in a Strange Land Chapter Thirteen  Wise Old Owl Chapter Fourteen  Wonder is Just a Breath Away Chapter Fifteen  Thin Places Everywhere Chapter Sixteen  There Will Always be a Boy and a Bear Chapter Seventeen  The Process of Pooh and the Pooh of Process Works cited Author Bruce Epperly is a pastor, theologian, and spiritual guide. The author of forty books on theology, spirituality, scripture, and ministry, he is currently pastor of South Congregational Church, Centerville, MA, and a professor in the doctoral program at Wesley Theological Seminary.
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