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Title:  Rethinking German Idealism Authors: Wayne Hudson, Douglas Moggach, and Marcelo Stamm Series: New Studies in Idealism Imprint: Noesis Press 120 pp. soft cover USD 18.00 ISBN 978-1934542484 November 12, 2016 The Davies Group, Publishers The authors of Rethinking German Idealism, building on the recent work of Eckhart Förster, which challenges older American readings of the German Idealists, contribute to the contemporary re-evaluation of German Idealism by offering new readings of Kant, Schelling and Fichte. Rethinking German Idealism argues that the philosophers known as ‘the German Idealists’ were not always idealists in the conventional sense, and their works need to be re-evaluated on their own terms. Individual chapters show that Kant never wrote the new metaphysics he had in view; that Schelling was an aporetic thinker who explored objective difficulties and did not advance the straightforward positions often attributed to him; and that Fichte was an important political philosopher arguing on the basis of the spontaneity of reason. By providing a new view of Kant’s philosophical project, and introducing new ways of reading Schelling and Fichte, the authors argue that all three are important philosophers of freedom, and that the radicalism of their thought is not captured by conventional notions of ‘Idealism’. Contents Chapter 1 ‘German Idealism’ in Question Chapter 2 Kant’s Topology of Freedom Chapter 3 Fichte, Idealism and Freedom Chapter 4 Aporetic Schelling Chapter 5 Some Implications Notes About the authors Wayne Hudson is Honorary Research Professor in the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Charles Sturt University, Canberra ACT and Adjunct Professor of Humanities at the University of Tasmania. Douglas Moggach is Emeritus Professor, University of Ottawa and Honorary Professor of Philosophy, University of Sydney.  Marcelo Stamm is RMIT Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow and Deputy Dean Research & Innovation in the School of Architecture & Design, RMIT, Melbourne.
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